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Why should I register my dog with AKC?

One of the questions I get on occasion is why I register my dog if it’s only going to be a pet?

There are a couple of reasons that registering your dog may be in their best interest. One is if you register online you get 30 days free health insurance. This may seem silly, but during that 30 days my husband’s dog broke her leg. AKC insurance paid $500 towards her surgery. That was very helpful. Puppies are very prone to disease and accidents, and this can be a life saver. How many puppies do you know have eaten something and had to have it surgically removed?

Another reason is if something should ever happened to you and your dog needs another place to go, her papers will tell who her Breeder was. Breeders do usually take their dogs back at any time and may help your dog find a new home. Sometimes relatives do not know what to do or have the ability to take on a dog when you pass. This makes the dog more appealing to other people that might be interested. It tells them that the dog is in fact purebred and that the Labrador temperament and characteristics should be true to the breed.

Lastly to show a dog in anything you really want it registered or the points will not count towards your dog or your dog may not be allowed to enter. Dock diving events like NADD, obedience, rally, and agility, will allow your dog to earn titles. Also if you have a child they may want to show the dog either in the breed or in 4H. This just gives you more options. Besides if you’re going to fork over the money for entry fees, you might as well be able to benefit from the points and titles!

If you ever need help with registration, picking a name, or finding more information, please let me know!

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