Summer Fun!

Looking at our summer dock diving schedule and have put together a prospective schedule. This of course is dependent on upcoming puppies. If you get a chance, stop in and see us or better yet join in the fun. Dock diving is fun, entry level, and set up to help your dog succeed. If you are interested in more information or would like to try it, we would be happy to help get you started. In the meantime, hopefully, this is where you can find us. June 15th and 16th Dock Dogs Deadwood, SD (Harley, Sadie) June 21st to 24th NADD Cambridge, MN (Harley, Sadie, Yeti) June 30th to July 1st NADD

Don't Pick A Puppy, Pick A Breeder

Last year I wrote this article for the CPLR. I thought it would be a great subject to elaborate on for the blog. So here it goes! The new and improved version! Unfortunately looking for a puppy to join your family is more than just a pretty face. All breeders and all puppies are not created equally. This is largely because every breeder has their hard and fast criteria for breeding or not breeding, and each has preferences for size, personality, working ability, etc. Make a personal connection with a breeder you feel shares your top criteria, and then wait for a puppy from them. Screen the breeder first, then ask about a puppy. How do you make a personal connection? First of all talk

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