SHR FSR Dakota's It Ain't My Fault


Born July 15th, 2017

Sire: HRCH UH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra MH, CGC

Dam:  SHR County Lines Whiskey Girl 


Breeder:  Derald Poindexter

will be bred to SHR Barrett DJ for a repeat litter fall 2020

SHR Fowlplay's Maggy JH WC DS


Born December 9th 2016

Sire:  Atkinson's Yellow Deacon

Dam:  Atkinson's Silver Dynasty

Breeder: Nathan Atkinson


Maggy is owned by Frank V. in LA

Maggy will be bred to Zeus summer of 2020

SHR FSR Dakota's Too Hot To Handle DS


Born August 2nd, 2016


Dam:  Ginger Run In Gun Red Hot Chile Pepper 


Breeder:  Adrian Padilla

will be bred to a GMPR for summer 2020

FSR Dakota's Brrr It's Cold In Here


Born January 29th 2019

Sire:  3 Rivers Outdoor Odie

Dam: SHR FSR Dakota's Prairie Wind 



SHR Embershine's Gonna B Expensive Of FSR



Sire:  Int CH ROKA07 Double Trouble At Embershine CGC TKN

Dam:  SnowyRivers Honeybun Love At Embershine DS DJ CGC TKN


Will be bred to HR SH sire summer 2020

FSR Dakota's Top Of My Game


Born April 1st 2018

Sire:  Shaw's Mojo

Dam:  Shaw's Daisy


Will be bred to Bo Summer 2020

Rumor's Double Take


Born January 29th 2017

Sire:  Jake's Charcoal Luke

Dam:  Silver Duck Bandit Glock


will be bred to Zeus due June 16th

FSR Dakota's Shake N Bake


Born Oct 8th, 2018

Sire:  Drakes Black Cadillac 

Dam:  Twisted Retrievers Burnin It Down


available for guardian home

FSR Dakota's Lil Gun For Hire


Born December 29th, 2019

Sire:  4xGRHRCH Waterdog's Cash Money Maker MNH

Dam:  WCR's Midnight Mylee SH CGC   


FSR Dakota's Goin Rogue


Born March 12th 2019

Sire:  Gator Points Rowdy Ryl of High Point

Dam:  SHR FSR Dakota's Lil Storm Chaser


Snowy Rivers Honeybun Love At Embershine DS CGC TKN



Sire: SHR Snowy Rivers Storm Chaser 

Dam:  Snowy Rivers Jersey Girl


FSR Dakota's The Floor Is Lava






Live in Guardian Homes

We currently have several dogs that live in guardian homes. What is a guardian home?  This is where a dog has a family away from our kennel and home.  There are various reasons that a dog lives in a guardian home.  Some dogs do better with more one on one, prefer a job, or like a quiet family home where they can get more attention.  We have quite a few dogs here and some dogs do not do as well in a setting with lots of competition.  Our dogs do not go to guardian homes until they have lived with us for quite some time and we know they are a dog that we would for sure like to keep in our breeding program.  They live with their family most of the time, however come to us in heat or to whelp puppies, depending on their planned schedule.  Most of these dogs will only have one or two litters while in the guardian home.  Once the pups are weaned and picked up, the female goes back to her guardian home.  These dogs are done running hunt test and are moving closer to retirement.  Some are hunters and titled hunt test dogs, and some better suited to family pets.  If you are interested in being a guardian home for one of our dogs, please contact us.   Currently Lilly, Rowdy, and Sage are in search of a possible match as they head into retirement.  Lilly is most suited to a pet and family home.  Sage has done therapy work, family dog, and weekend hunter.  Rowdy is a cuddle bug and lap dog.  He would be best suited to a family pet with older kids.

FSR Dakota's Large N In Charge


Born August 18th, 2016

Sire: Master Gunny II

Dam: Udder-Whey-Maple


Coco lives with the French Family in RC

Will be bred for a Winter 2020/2021 litter

FSR Dakota's Lil Jumpin Bean


Born March 11th 2020

Bean lives with the Simons Family

Longbranch Arctic Frostbite


Born January 9th 2015

Sire:  Twinpond's Sir Jack Frost

Dam:  Hillsides Missy June


Josey lives with LeeAnn in Philip

FSR Dakota's My Halo's Crooked


Born Oct 16th 2016

Sire:  Red Crown Scout

Dam:  Running Ridges Snowy Aspen Mountain


Halo lives with the Hart family in Brookings SD

Retired Girls

SHR Maximum's Lil Avery JH WC


Born March 5th 2013

Sire: SSL Giving Maximum Punishment MH

Dam: SSL Sheza Lil Diva SH

Breeder: Amy Sturino


Retiring Fall of 2020

SHR FSR Dakota's Cheese N Quackers


Born Febuary 24th, 2015

Sire:  SHR Guinness Paint It Black Lager CGC

Dam: Creekside's Champagne Wishes


breeder:  Kristi Bussler

Spayed in Feb 2020




SHR FSR Dakota's Prairie Wind


Born Feb 2015

Sire: SHR Guinness Paint It Black Lager CGC

Dam:  SHR WindBush Gracie


breeder:  Kristi Bussler

spayed March 2020




Guide Dogs

Last but definitely not least.  These girls my not produce pups but they are the heart and soul of our pheasant lodge, Dog Ear Lodge. Upland season can be long and grueling, but with these two hardcore warriors along with Barrett, Scout, Lyric, and Maggy, they get the job done!  Some of them like Aspen picking up over 300 birds a season and walking miles in the double digits day after day. 


SHR FSR Dakota's Lil Storm Chaser DJ


Born December 9th 2016

Sire:  HR Crawford's Silver Gator SH

Dam:  SHR FSR Dakota's Wing And A Prayer


breeder:  Shannon Stites

spayed January 2020

SHR FSR Diva's Lil Aspen JH WC


Born March 5th 2013

Sire: SSL Giving Maximum Punishment MH

Dam: SSL Sheza Lil Diva SH

Breeder: Amy Sturino


spayed June 2015

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