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Our classification of the below types of dogs

  • Young dogs -- Dogs that have either not started our basic gun dog program or they are currently going through our basic gun dog program. 

  • Started Gun Dogs -- Dogs that are ready to hunt over (field obedience, mouth work, marking, steady)

  • Finished Dogs--  Dogs that are handling or going through our advanced gun dog program (they have already completed the basic gun dog program.


Young Dogs

"Sherlock" is a mild mannered and happy go lucky kid.  His dark pigment and head tilts quickly have you wrapped around his paw.  He gets along great with other dogs, both male and female.  He is a big boy and will probably finish out at about 85 pounds.   Both of his parents, Coco and Chaos are easy going, well rounded all around dogs that excell as family pets and hunting dogs. 


Started Dogs

Rescues and Dogs for Adoption

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