Road Trip

We headed off to South Carolina on March 20th shortly after Avery went into heat. We were fortunate enough to stay with Buck and Kristi Coggin's that own the stud dog Carolina's Silver Smoke! I knew Smoke was an awesome hunting dog just from his accomplishments, but it was fun getting to know him as a house dog too. Needless to say, I fell in love! Smoke is insanely smart. He is a problem solver! He can open doors, back around corners and tight spaces, knows what he wants and finds ways to make it happen, and smiles ALL THE TIME! I love that he is such a happy dog and loves to cuddle. Buck and Kristi were amazing hosts above and beyond what the situation called for and I am happy to add them to my list of friends. Thier dogs really are family members and are treated that way. We shared several other passions with those two as well, such as horses, sports, and owning our own businesses. There was lots to do and see while we were there including native food and a trip to Myrtle Beach, the zoo, the museum, and area parks!

Despite the fact that this was a first breeding for both of these dogs, Avery and Smoke had 3 ties and we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed! We will set up a vet appointment April 20th to confirm the litter and they will be due May 30th! Stay tuned!

Here are a few photos of Smoke while chilling at home!

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